Luoxin University

(I) Establishment background

The company adheres to the talents development concept of “giving priority to self-cultivation” and expressively proposed the general goal for talents training and cultivation in the management strategy and development plan during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan period. It aims to forge a domestic-leading group in terms of comprehensive quality and professional capability, and make the comprehensive ability of staff and reserve of talents meet the needs of the company for continous development and implementation of merger and acquisition strategies. Besides, it has also accelarated the establishment of second and third echelons, as well as the old, middle-aged and young talent echelons, especially paced up the transformation of young employees grown up in the company to leaders.

Luoxin Academy was established to accomplish the goals set up during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan and in the annual No.1 Document, and to arrange different training classes for trainees of different degrees and in different systems to promote the comprehensive quality of personnel at all levels.

(II) Mission

To cultivate and reserve necessary talents for development of enterprise, improve professional capability of employees and expand career development channel.

(III) Concept

Continuously pursuing for innovation and excellence; raising the standardized and modernized management goals; enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of enterprise.

(IV) Goals

1. Establish scientific and systematic training system so that the trainees understand when and what to learn.

2. Transform the trainees’ passive attitude of “I’m forced to learn.” to “I want to learn”.

3. Establish sound score-based promotion assessment system.

4. Cultivate a study atmosphere pervaded with learning and searching enthusiam and spirit of craftsman.

5. Link closely with the enterprise’s strategy and cultivate the talents for the future needs of enterprise.

(V) Education modes::Network courses, teaching by instructors (including invited experts), out-of-company training, etc.


   Luoxin Academy: Home of study; cradle of growth.


The establishment and opening ceremony of   Luoxin Academy


                  Group leader and group management class of Luoxin Academy 


 Training class by invited expert