Talents Cultivation System

Luoxin is a comprehensive group company where drug research & development, production and sales run in parallel. All fields develop swiftly and the sub-plants and subsidiaries expand rapidly year by year. The company offers over 500 key posts every year and provides sufficient development space and platform for employees.


The company adheres to the principle of “having both political integrity and ability” and establishes scientific and reasonable talent competition mechanism to select suitable personnel for the post through internal competition according to the personnel demand of the post.

The annual post-competition activity not only provides a promotion channel and development space for the employees and stimulates their competition consciousness and enterprising spirit, but also materializes the talents selection mode of “suitable personnel for the right post” and “matching personnel with post”. Every employee can take the right post to play his strengths and fully realize his value. This also embodies the enterprise’s value of “rewarding the employees”.


Luoxin Promotion Platform

The company offers a bottom-to-top promotion platform for every employee, and a systematic post-competition process.

It tailors personal development plan for employees to improve their comprehensive capabilities, so that they are possible to become the backbone of the group through a period of practice.


Luoxin Talents Development Plan

On the basis of talents development plan, Luoxin has established scientific and reasonable promotion standard to construct a promotion platform for personnel at all levels and a display stage for them to realize their values. The annual post-competition activity stimulates the employees to improve their personal quality and professional ability, and also fully mobilizes their enthusiasm and proactivity, so that those reaching or surpassing the corresponding criteria get promoted.


Evaluation on Oral Examination Results for Selecting Management Personnel